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COVID19 update We are here to give the best services

   We Were Uniquely Positioned To Respond Quickly And Allow Our Team To Work From Home Given Our Emphasis On Decentralization And Supporting A Distributed Workforce Capable Of Working From Anywhere.

   The Past Few Months Have Proven We Can Make That Work. So If Our Employees Are In A Role And Situation That Enables Them To Work From Home And They Want To Continue To Do So Forever, We Will Make That Happen.

   Since The Work From Home Project Has Been Initiated, We Have Experienced:
A. Increase In Productivity.
B. Employees Are Happy To Work Flexibly At The Same Time Can Be With Their Family.
C. Every Employee Is Responsible Of Themselves & Their Duties.

   This Decision Has Brought Us More Warmth And Love From The Employees And Increased Productivity. At Tafok We Have Decided To Continue This Work Structure Until Further Notice.

   At Various Other Businesses Like Tafok Crunch, Tafok Foods, Tafok Juices, Tafok Construction & Tafok Designs The Staff Which Is Required To Be On The Ground Will Still Continue With At Most Safety And Care For Themselves And The Community.

   We, Will, Continue To Operate Decentralized Yet Interconnected Without Compromising Our Services To Customers.

   We Will Open Our Head Office In India Soon Based On COVID 19 Conditions Yet All Our Branches In UAE, India, USA, UK Shall Remain Closed.

   Our Employees From Each Of Our Branches Are In Full Support For Work From Home Strategy And We Thank Them.

   Our Employees Have Been Able To Reduce Travel Time To Office And Spend That With Their Loved Ones & We At Tafok Are With You.

   We’re Proud Of The Early Action We Took To Protect The Health Of Our Employees And Our Communities. That Will Remain Our Top Priority As We Work Through The Unknowns Of The Coming Months.

Go Team Tafok.

Tafok Holdings.

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