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We Strive To Make Our Customers Happy & It’s The Only Reason We Are Here.


Our Vision Is To Grow & Generate More Sustainable Jobs For The Community.

Services We Provide

We Believe In Providing Services, Best In The Market, And The Most Promising Endeavors.

• Tafok Designs: We Provide Value Beyond A Measurable Extent, Making Our Customers Connect, Grow, And Reach To The Next Level Of Excellence, With Visual Insights.

Branding For Most Of The Companies Take Years To Grow. We Understand That Creating A Brand Includes Understanding What The User Expects, How The Brand Should Interact, And Creating Designs That Protrude Their Value Themselves!

We, Will, Develop Websites For Your Brand, Manage Your Social Media And Ensure That Your Brand Gets The Best Digital Marketing.

• Tafok Crunch: We Are Not Concealed From The Demands And Happiness Of Growing Innocent Minds. Tafok Has A Special Section For The Crisp Delight. So, We Produce Tasty Crunches, Affordable In Price, And Lip-Smacking In Taste.

Tafok Crunch Produces And Sells Its Flavorsome Crunches At The Most Affordable Price Of 5 INR. This Ensures That These Delicacies Reach Every Single Mouth. Our Mission Is To Provide The Best Services. So, Everything Is Made Under Healthy Conditions, And They Outshine Quality Every Time It Dissolves In A Mouth.

• Tafok PPE Products: Current Conditions Are Severe, But We Understand What The World Requires This Time. With Doctors Striving Hard Across The Globe For Keeping The World's Spirit Alive, We Are Here To Provide Them Protection And Security From Deadly Viruses.

We Provide PPE Products Everyone Can Have Trust In! These Products Are Made Under Healthy And Safe Conditions, And Through This, We Have A Mission To Keep The Country And The Globe Safe And Healthy.

• Tafok Foods: Tafok Initiated Its Name With A Major Cap In The Food Industry. Since 2007, We Have Provided The Best Mouth Savoring Dishes, With Extensively Creative Presentations. Taking The Best Services As Its Base, We Could Finally Expand Our Branches From South To North India.

More Than Just Presentation And Service Experiences, Our Mission Has Always Been To Provide Food That Is Tasty, Healthy, And Continually Positively Reviewed By The Customers. Our Investors Are Glad To Be Part Of The Family And Glorify The Market's Finest Quality.

• Tafok Juices: Tafok Took Its First Step In The Market The Best Quality Food Providers. The Quality Made The Brand Grow Over The Years, Tafok Extended Towards The Juice Market And Left It’s Mark Strong Enough To Stand Out Its Competitors.

We Provide Milkshakes And Chill Flavored Ice-Creams Worldwide And Have A Global Fan Base.

• Tafok Technology: Tafok Has Never Left Any Leading Industry Without Its Footprints. After Striving Hard In The Food Industry And Finally Succeeding In The Same, It Extended It’s Base To The Digital World. It Started Helping Businesses Grow By Providing World-Class Technological Advancements To Them. With High-Quality Hardware And System Integration, It Has Made Its Customers Grow And Be Proud Of Their Investments In Tafok. 


We Ensure Quality Over Any Other Parameters Of Service. We Are A Profitable Brand And Have Helped Several Businesses Grow With Our Technological Assistance.

With Our Juices And Quality Food Spread Across The Whole World, We Are The Ones Who Strive Hard To Make Every Customer Happy, Satisfied, And Fulfilled. Customers Now Believe In The Brand – Tafok, And In Fact, Are In Love With The Experiences We Deliver To Them.


   When Tafok Was Launched It Was Just An Idea A Name To Extend. With The Major Cap In Food Industry Tafok Extended Its Arms Towards Juices & Milkshake Parlors Tafok Juices Slowly It Added Tafok Crunch To Its List And A Snack Pack Was Launched. The Number Of Milkshake Parlors Grew And Its Branches From South To North India.

   Our Snack Pack Started Its Variation From 5 INR And Onward. Thus Making Sure Everyone Gets A Piece Of It.

   Later Tafok Started Investment Opportunities On Their New Venture Tafok Ironwood A Commercial 3-Storey Complex To House A Large Restaurant Tafok Foods Including Advanced Bakery In The Heart Of Kerela India.

   Our Investors Were Our Customers And Were Happy To Be Part Of The Family. We Made Sure Each Investor Received More Than They Expected.

   Tafok Designs Was A Major Addition To Tafok And Took The Digital Marketing Field By Storm. At Tafok We Make Sure Our Customers Are Given Clear Pricing So That They What They Are Getting And What It Cost All Upfront.

   Thus, Our Website Tafok Designs Make Sure All Product Pricing May It Be A Service It’s Available On Our Website Www.Tafokdesigns.Com  

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